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Tent of the knight

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Landsknecht tent

The new Tristan Landsknecht tent is a first pattern tent possibly of a new series. The first shipment of tents with new dimensions are slightly reduced price. Therefore we ask the customers who buy these tents to write us a recession / review and reinforce with a few pictures. (Picture similar, the canopy over the entire width of just!)

For the closure of the entrance a separate cloth, which is closed with loop / eyelet serves. Overnight so you can close the entrance and leave the canopy.

In these tents is the pure tent skin. The rod package allows a complete setup. At the beginning of errors can creep in here. Therefore, we ask you to sample up the tent once and possibly rename missing or too much delivered parts.

The middle masts stand apart about 300cm.

Landsknecht Tent 5x8 meters

Dimensions measured on the floor: approx 5.00 m x 8.00 m
Medium Height: 3.50 m
Side height: about 1,85 m
The tent consists of a roof and side walls, and cotton ropes with wooden clamps
optional in the bar package 2 divisible middle masts / standing 3,00m rods made of wood with iron sleeve and tip, and 22 side bars made of wood a 2,00 m. , 12 large and small herring herrings
Fabric 320 gsm impregnated against water, mold and rot
div.Farben / color combination, colorful fabrics at no extra charge, own color combination requests with additional charge (delivery time 8-10 weeks)

Available from mid-February in the following colors:

bordeaux-nature, 1
blue-natural, 1
red-green, 1
black-natural, 1


2 divisible standing rods
3,50m middle masts made of wood with iron sleeves and iron tip,
Side bars made of wood a 2,10 m.
12 large herrings and 9 small herring.
Fabric 325 gsm impregnated against water, mold and rot
without groundsheet

An assembly instruction for this tent as a pdf document can be found HERE.

This tent is free shipping within DE !!!




Info für Österreich ">


Information for Austria

Dear customers from Austria. You also have the opportunity to finance the tents, most recently.

Klarna is under Austrian standard "TÜV-certified payment system" and in addition also "Trusted Shops Authorized Partner" in Austria.

In small, manageable installments come so your dream tent much more quickly closer. Of course, this funding also applies to all other products.




Info für Schweiz ">


Info for Switzerland

Our Swiss customers like please check the shipping costs. Automatically these costs and the fees can not be displayed. We would therefore to provide these costs separately.





Hinweise zu Baumwollzelten** ">


Notes on cotton tents **
Cotton tents

First, some words about the material cotton:

Cotton is waterproof not from the outset. The relatively coarse weave of the material, which makes straight for the excellent climate inside the tent, leaves many pores. Only the impregnation and swelling of the cotton thread closes the holes, thus making the tent tight. It is therefore possible that with a new tent already the odd downpour needs so that the thread completely "absorbed" can.

Cotton is a natural product that changes due to different weather conditions. You should pick up again this order to prevent an extreme distortion of the material necessarily when it rains, the bracing subside and when the sun or wind.

Proper care begins even before the use of the tent!

Before camping ...
A tarp under the / tent / groundsheet, prevents contamination and prevents damage.
Unpack scaffold components, sort out and assemble according to the enclosed stand sketch.
We recommend that after the sample configuration, the linkage of the plug points to highlight with colored tape. So it is easier to build the scaffold.

After camping ...
When packing, make sure that poles and pegs not damage the tent fabric.
Best packed separately and use the appropriate Packsacks it.
Wet packed tents necessarily spread within 24 hours and dry. (Fungal infection, decrease in the tensile strength of the fabric).
The guy lines and other plastic parts packed separately before a longer storage of the tent, there might negatively affect those parts of the impregnation.
Grease tubular steel scaffolding easily for storage. Remove For reuse fat layer.
Storage of the tent and stand in dry rooms.
Cleaning and maintenance of the fabric pieces

Tent fabric without coating:
Contaminants are best dry brushed on a regular basis. Stains are removed by washing by hand:
It is recommended that a commercial light-duty detergent (preferably neutral pH such as curd soap), water temperature lukewarm. Rinse with clean water several times, allow to dry, treat with tent impregnating spray.

Tent fabric with coating:
Cleaning with clean water and a sponge. Give case of heavy soiling degreasing detergent into the water and / or use plastic cleaner. In coated fabrics translucent bodies may occur (light spots), even those places are waterproof, complaints are not therefore necessary.

Treatment of tent fabric with mushrooms:
Cause: fungal infection - usually referred to as mildew - If it is active cultures, the need for life and for the propagation of light, oxygen and moisture. Each tent fabric provides - especially under conditions of poor ventilation - these ideal conditions. For the treatment and elimination of mold and mildew, there are the so-called anti-mold spray. The chemical agents are not environmentally friendly. (However, many mild substances not previously exhibited the desired activity).
Cleaning tests with organic solvents (such as gasoline) will damage the tissue.

Insect spray, hair spray, smoke, fire
By chemical means of all kinds may suffer the impregnation, gauze and film Window milky yellow or.
From the smoke of barbecues and other open fires tent fabric and plastic windows can be greatly affected. (Discoloration, brittleness, and leaks are the result).

Tent seams
Tent fabric seams can "pull" moisture (especially in new tents). By swelling of the sewing yarn the tent seam is tight with time. Should there be difficulties with a seam, so you can eliminate the problem with a seam sealer.

An impregnated, water repellent, non-coated tent fabric that is irrigated from the outside, do not touch the inside, because it can be permeable to the pressure points. Guy ropes and other plastic parts as possible can not be merged with the tent fabric impregnated longer time because these parts can reduce the impregnation possibly.

Scaffolding Care
Rods made of tubular steel can rust. For rust removal is recommended, with a wire brush or sandpaper grit 60 to clean the tube with cellulose thinner to dissolve the upper surface fat. Then apply a rust converter, which converts the rust into iron phosphate. Coated tubes with iron paint and touch up, repair galvanized pipes with gold or silver bronze.

** Courtesy of www.Leicht-Zelte.at
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